A Housewife’s Guide to DIY: Tools

It was around 8:00 a.m. when I woke up on a cheery Tuesday morning. My son was still asleep and my husband was out of town; I was by myself! With all of my to-do list checked off, I pictured the day peaceful and happy.

That is until I climbed out of bed and into a puddle of water.diy tools for women

The culprit? Our bathroom sink had a MAJOR leak. Suddenly, that warm, fuzzy feeling of being alone turned into sheer panic. I didn’t know how to fix a sink! That was my husband’s ‘honey-do’ item of the house. What’s a girl to do?

I did some research, visited my local supply company and did it myself. YES, BY MYSELF. And it was easy! After feeling accomplished, I made a list of tools to master, bought my supplies and knocked out several projects. Now you can too! Here’s a list of the most important tools every housewife should master and learn how to DIY.

The Mrs. Master List of Tools

All of the diy tools for womentools listed below can be purchased from your local Ritter Lumber. Several supply companies have major sales throughout the year so you can always check for specials by signing up for newsletters, or by visiting the store! Many you may already have around the home; while others will be used sparingly but worth investing in.

  1. Hammer – used for just about every project. Whether it’s pulling up nails or flushing pieces together.
  2. Screwdriver sets – From baby toys, to remotes—a screwdriver set with multiple sizes is essential.
  3. Pliers – Having trouble with cutting that wire? Grab your trusty pliers to finish the job. There are several options specific to whatever job you’re doing.
  4. Wrenches – Tighten up those screws with this handy tool! This is a given for any handyman task.
  5. Level – Hanging those pictures of your family can be done in a snap with a level designed to provide the perfect alignment every time.
  6. Measuring tape – Cut the perfect piece of wood or trim every time by measuring it out.
  7. Wood saw – With many different options out there, a hand saw can be used for just about any task.
  8. Utility knife – Great to use on the go.
  9. Plunger – It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!
  10. Flashlight – Again, this is another product everyone needs in their toolkit.
  11. Utility Stapler – Great for laying flooring, upholstery or adding trim to a room.
  12. Cordless power drill – Um…it’s a power drill! Have you ever used one? It can speed up your project in no time flat.

Safety is Essential

So you’ve got your tools and every piece has a place in your garage ready to go. Now it’s time to mark a project off your lists. Are you ready to go? Not quite. In addition to your main tools, there’s several pieces of safety equipment to have in mind.diy tools for women

  • Eyeglasses or goggles
  • Gloves
  • Ladders or step-stools
  • Protective apparel and shoes

These products are to ensure quality and safety; no matter the task.

Power Up, Ladies

So grab your keys, head on down to Ritter Lumber and grab the tools every housewife needs. Like me, you can conquer the toughest of fixes. With these tools, you’ll be independent and ready to tackle any home project in no time.


Ritter has you covered! Our knowledgeable associates are here to help answer your questions and help you find what you need.