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Choosing New Windows

JELD-WEN, a Ritter Lumber distributor of windows, recently released a study showing that 67% of homeowners asked admitted they needed to replace their existing … [Read more...]


A lovely landscape always consists of defined gardens and orderly blooms. Boundaries and maintaining a freshly groomed look can be easily created through the … [Read more...]

8 Best Home Improvements to Increase Your Property Value

Father Time takes his toll on each of us. There’s no avoiding the wear and tear each of our bodies experiences as our lives press onward. Our homes are no … [Read more...]

The Installation Guide for Perfect Crown Molding

Crown molding quickly takes a room from looking plain and drab to majestic and ornate. In many construction projects, moldings will be minimal and puny—or even … [Read more...]

The Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Carpet for the Right Room

Shopping for carpet is a lot like shopping for a car. Choosing between all of the different styles, colors, and brands can easily make your head spin. But do … [Read more...]

How to Cook the Best Steak on a Gas Grill

Hear that? The sizzling sound of a thick juicy steak grilling. Mmmmm… Nothing beats the taste of a perfectly prepared steak, and making that happen sometimes … [Read more...]

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Tile

Tile installation errors are easy to avoid if you take time-out and plan ahead. Whether you're planning a new tile project for your bathroom shower or your … [Read more...]

A Housewife’s Guide to DIY: Tools

It was around 8:00 a.m. when I woke up on a cheery Tuesday morning. My son was still asleep and my husband was out of town; I was by myself! With all of my … [Read more...]

6 Reasons to Switch to LED Bulbs

LED light bulbs are popping up everywhere these days. But do we really need to invest in them?  Are the benefits involved worth paying $15 or more for one … [Read more...]

Insulate Your Home and Wallet This Summer

Summers can be pretty heated in Southeast Texas, Households that don't take advantage of basic insulation practices can face higher energy bills than are … [Read more...]