Choosing New Windows

JELD-WEN, a Ritter Lumber distributor of windows, recently released a study showing that 67% of homeowners asked admitted they needed to replace their existing windows.

Choosing the type of window to use, however, can be tricky and a bit overwhelming.

Choosing the Right WindowEach variety of window available has the ability to make a major impact on the look, efficiency, and comfort of your home.

The choices seem endless.

One key thing to consider is the material used to construct your new windows.

Common materials used in their production are vinyl, wood and aluminum. Choosing the correct one for you and your home simply depends on the benefits most important to you.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a strong plastic material chosen for its durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to extreme seasonal climate changes.

And while limited colors may exist for vinyl windows, those colors will never fade, flake, peel, or rot.

Wood Windows

For a rustic look, wood is the perfect choice. When choosing your new wood windows, consider the grain, color and sap content.

The species of wood generally used in their construction are fir, mahogany, pine, and alder.

Wood windows require more upkeep than any other material, because of their

potential to rot. Yet their timeless charm and appeal make the extra effort well worth the time and material invested.

Aluminum Windows Girl and Her Dog Looking Out Window

Aluminum is a cost-effective, lightweight and strong alternative to wood. It is also corrosion-resistant and a practical solution for rainy, humid climates. Its durability allows the windows to pay for themselves with the long-term use without the necessity of replacement and the energy savings with their efficiency. If you are looking for a long-term low maintenance solution, this is it.

Other Factors to Consider

The environment in which you live can play a key role in your choice. Some key points to consider are:

Control Heat with WindowsCoastal Climates and High Humidity

Living near the gulf coast, in wet, humid conditions wreaks havoc on anything exposed to the outdoors. If your desire to perform frequent maintenance such as repainting and touch-ups is somewhat lacking, consider a material like vinyl.

Heat and Sun Exposure

Windows exposed to the harsh rays of the sun not only need to be durable, but should also assist in the protecting of your home’s interior.

In this situation, choosing the right glass for your windows is vital. Harmful UV rays can damage interior furnishings and increase utility bills. Look for the ENERGY STAR label appropriate for your region.

Hurricanes and Severe WeatherWindows Withstand Weather

Choose glass for your new windows that is designed specifically to resist the impact of debris and to remain intact
during storms. While aesthetics may tend to be the leading factor in the decision making process, durability and the capacity to protect your home and loved ones must be weighed equally.

If you have questions and need assistance choosing the right window for your next home improvement project, our trained staff of professionals is ready and willing to help.

Ritter has you covered! Our knowledgeable associates are here to help answer your questions and help you find what you need.