Home Repairs to Not Avoid

It can be tempting to put off critical home maintenance repairs. However, the money you could save by taking care of the repairs as they occur rather than having to start from scratch is a dramatic money saver.


foundation-repairThe ground above your foundation should slope down to allow water to drain down rather than build up around your foundation and cause cracks. Also, make sure downspouts extend about 3 feet away from your home’s foundation.

Look for cracks on your ceilings and walls, typically above the door or window. Watch out for sloping floors and walls, as well as windows and doors that do not shut correctly. Also, look out for crumbling in your exterior’s foundation.


roof-repairYour roof is the most important asset of your home and any issue should be addressed as soon as noticed.

Look for mold growth, roof dips, water leaks, and stains. The most obvious to look for is missing, broken, bucked, and curled shingles. Piles of moss or lichen can also indicate a potential decaying roof underneath.

HVAC System

hvac-system-repairGet an HVAC inspection once a year to ensure everything is working correctly with your system. Also, seal your air ducts and, if it is an option, opt for a smart thermostat.

Be sure to change your air filter every 1-3 months. Also, check for inconsistent temperatures across your house and signs of water leaks, which both indicate issues with your HVAC system.


plumbing-repairTest your water pressure by turning on a couple of faucets throughout your home at the same time. Also, look for discoloration in your water, even if it is of the slightest tint.

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