How to Lower your Winter Bills

The winter season drives up heating costs, but increasing the efficiency of your home before the onset of winter can help in saving a good amount of money on your winter bills. The following are five simple yet effective methods to reduce your electricity bills during the colder time of the year.

Turn Down your Thermostat

thermostatThe thermostat in your home can help you save as much as 3% of your overall heating costs. Each degree that is set back on the unit will count towards a reduction in heating expenses. The thermostat can be turned down 10° when there is no one at home. It can also be reduced when you’re going to bed. Keeping the heat down when it is not required can help you save approximately 14% of your total heating bills.

Wise Use of Fans

ceiling fanCeiling fans can be an asset when it comes to saving on energy bills. Most fans have a direction switch that can be used to adjust which direction the blades spin; one direction pulls air up and the other pulls air down.  The basic rule of thumb is to have your fans pull air downwards during the summer and upwards during the winter. This is because of the simple fact that hot air rises above cooler air. When you have your fans pulling air up, it creates a circulation of air that flows upward from the floor towards the fans and downward from the ceiling as it is pushed to the floor.

Turn Down your Water Heater

water heater
Reducing the water temperature in your water heater can also help cut heating costs. Lower it to 115-120° to get a sufficient amount of hot water while reducing the use of excessive power.

Clear Out the Heating Vents

ventVents can be blocked by furniture, rugs, etc. and this prevents the efficient circulation of heated air. Keeping blockages away from the vents can increase their efficiency while reducing heating costs.

Use Curtains

window curtainsShades and curtains can be used on windows that face south. Solar radiation can be used to provide warmth to your living space. Make sure that the curtains are drawn at night as heat will remain within the interior spaces.

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