How to Restain a Wooden Deck

stained deckWhen it comes to outdoor living spaces, not many things are less appealing to the eye than a faded, weather-worn deck. If this describes your outdoor living space, it’s time to bring your deck back to life!

Staining your deck accents the wood’s natural grain, giving it a smooth, polished look. By re-staining your deck every couple of years, splinters and cracks can be reduced, allowing you to better enjoy your outdoor living area and make your deck last longer.


  • Broom
  • Pressure Washer
  • Semitransparent Oil-Based Stain
  • Paint Roller, Paint Pad, or Sprayer
  • Optional: Deck Stripper


  • First, sweep and pressure wash the wood in order to remove dirt and debris in the corners and cracks.

Do not pressure wash one spot for too long or this could gouge the deck’s wood.

If your deck is stained or discolored, you can strip the wood with deck stripper to help remove those tough spots.

  • Allow your deck to completely dry.

If your deck is not dry, the stain will not hold to the wood and could cause cracking and peeling to occur.

  • Apply your desired wood finish to the deck.

Using a paint roller, paint pad, or sprayer will speed up the process.

Some wood finishes come in gel form, which can be applied with pads. These are preferred for small decked areas.

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