Leaf Blowers and Shredder Vacs are Important During the Fall

Like most of the United States, Southeast Texas is not immune to the change that fall brings. Leaves change their color to beautiful shades of red, orange, and brown and begin falling from their trees to the ground below. While many enjoy the scenery at first, they soon find their yards to be covered by fallen leaves.

Allowing your lawn to remain covered in leaves not only causes an unkempt appearance, but may affect the health of your grass. Leaves block sunlight from reaching the grass, which can prevent the evaporation of water. Also, an excess amount of leaves may lead to unwanted fungal growth. With all this being said, do not fret! There are great products on the market today for easily removing leaves from your lawn.

STIHL’s Shredder Vac

STIHL leaf blower and vacSTIHL’s SH 86 C-E shredder vacuum/blower is a great piece of equipment to have in the arsenal during the fall. This bad boy easily converts from a shredder vac to a handheld blower and packs enough punch to get just about any amount of pesky leaves off your lawn.

All you have to do is use the blower mode to gather the leaves from your yard into a pile and then use the shredder vac mode to suck the leaves through the shredder into the zippered bag attachment. Empty the shredded leaves from the bag attachment into a garbage bag and throw them out and say hello to a tidy, leaf-less lawn!

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