New Year Home Maintenance Tasks

With the 2015 new year upon us, it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions for your home. Ritter has come up with some simple home maintenance tasks that can be very beneficial for all of you home owners out there.

Regularly Clean Your Dryer Vent

dryer vent
If you don’t regularly clean out dryer lint, you risk starting a fire in your home. Try to make it a habit to clean out lint before every load of clothes.

Organize Your Warranties

Product documentation, such as warranties and receipts, have a tendency to get scattered around the house in random places sometimes never to be found again. This year, make an effort to compile all of these valuable pieces of documentation into an organized desk drawer or file cabinet. You can also scan them onto a computer to save space.

Replace Batteries In Your Smoke Alarm

smoke alarm
Replace the batteries in your smoke detector about every 3 months or if it signals that its batteries are running low. Ensuring your smoke detector is in working order is very important for preventing house fires.

Clean Refrigeration Coils

refrigerator coils
It is important to clean your refrigerator coils once per year to ensure they are operating efficiently. If they are clogged up with dust and dirt, which happens over time, they will require more electricity to get the job done.

Ritter has you covered! Our knowledgeable associates are here to help answer your questions and help you find what you need.