Steps for Planting a Spring Garden

Steps for Planting a Spring GardenItems needed:

  • Rake
  • Trowel
  • Fertilizer
  • Mulch
  • Watering can
  • Planted Flowers (annuals because they are the easiest to maintain all year)


  1. Pick a space, preferably one that sees a lot of sun, that is at least three feet from a building or fence and is large enough to accompany all of your plants.
  2. Start digging and remove all grass, weeds, rocks, and debris from your plot. Dig about 7 inches deep.
  3. Rake some fertilizer across the bed and water lightly.
  4. Set your flowers across the area of your flowerbed before you plant them so you can space them evenly.
  5. Once the flowers are spaced out how you want them, use a trowel to dig holes for them.
  6. Remove the flowers from their cells and pry their roots apart with your fingers so that they are not clumped up when you put them in the ground. The more spread out the roots are, the more nutrients they will have access to.
  7. Pack the soil around the roots so that the plant is sturdy in the ground. Lightly water.
  8. Spread a one inch layer of mulch across the top of the soil to prevent weeds from growing, which can steal nutrients from your plants.

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